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Equicoaching for enterprises: in small or large teams -> improve team communication skills, leadership skills, talent development, self-assurance, non verbal communication and so much more. You'll find yourself out of your comfort zone in a field amongst the horses.

Why horses? Because they are masters in sensing incongruence between what we feel, do and show. They are the best teachers in leadership and (non-verbal) communication. They will mirror our emotional state, so no masks, no lies; they teach us to be authentic, clear-minded, present, well-balanced and honest. The best thing is that they do all this in a non-judgemental way!

Teambuildings: building stronger teams by enhancing team cohesion and communication.

During our teambuildings we develop self-insight first. You see yourself and your colleagues in a different daylight, as the team finds itself amidst a herd of horses.

The exercices proposed along the day will give you strong insight in who you really are and what your strenghts are, and how that fits in the team. As a team you'll need to work closely together and on a same line if you want to achieve results. You'll learn about true leadership and clear communication. You'll return to the office with a strong and well-alligned team.

The teambuildings are customized according to your needs. You can complement the day or 2 days teambuilding with a festive BBQ, a vegetarian menu, a pic nic with local products. We can even wrap up this challenging and thrilling day with a wine tasting workshop, perhaps accompanied by a cheese platter. Many formulas available, please contact us for specific details or information.

In-Company Services

Personal Developmet: get the best out of yourself / your employees through NLP coaching, equicoaching and in-company trainings such as assertiveness training, leadership training or proactiveness training.

Burnout prevention: Make sure you or your employees don't end up with a burnout. It all starts with a good analysis and prevention. Your company already has employees with a burnout or boreout? No problem, we coach them for you. Remember that it will cost you less to prevent burnout than dealing with employees that are 'out'. 

Team coaching: get the best out of your teams, make them work together more effectively and in line with personal and company values. It all starts with clear communication, assertiveness, setting boundaries, how to give and take feedback, trust and respect. Our practical approach takes your team members step by step on a journey of self-discovery, in which they will create new (more effective) habits to perform better with and in their team.

Organisational development: who is in your organisation today, what happens today, and how can we improve the organisation for better performance, happier people on the workfloor and efficient communication

@Work series: Offer your staff members a memorable workshop that will boost their energy and productivity! Our many workshops for companies are focused on self development, enhancing positive vibes and making sure the participants are boosted with energy and can get back to work feeling relaxed, in top shape and full of motivation. Examples of our workshops: mindfulness@work, yoga@work, NLP@work, Massage@work

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