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In an idyllic setting amongst the horses, whether in the teepee or in the Mongolian Yurt or just outside, we offer a number of workshops and trainings of one day, one or two evenings, or weekends. Below you may find an overview of the workshops to come with the dates and prices.

Assertiveness Coaching

Do you sometimes find it hard to say no or to ask for help? Do you feel like sometimes people are taking advantage of you? Or perhaps you've been in situations where you suddenly exploded and started yelling at everyone because your buttons had been pushed?

In this one-day training, we find out what true and correct assertiveness is, how to train the assertiveness muscle in our body, how to feel when we reach our limits or when someone oversteps the line. Thanks to a very practical approach, you'll finally integrate assertiveness in your life, and you'll feel so much better in many ways.

Price: 120€

Dates: Each last Monday of each month

Next workshop: 20/11 from 9h30-15h30


In-company coaching essentials

You love your job but you're looking for a new challenge on the workfloor? You are fascinated by people and their personal development? So maybe you're considering to became a coach or trainer inside the company.

It's possible! Learn the fundamentals of coaching and practical techniques so that you feel confident and self-assured in doing this job. You'll also learn about the pitfalls of coaching and how to avoid them, in order to be a good coach with quality services.

2-day module: 240€

Dates: on request -> mail to:


NLP workshop

During this practical workshop, you acquire skills and learn about easy tools that can change your life. The specific NLP tools or techniques can be learned and used by anyone. Using these tools in your daily life will make you happier, more positive, more self-assured, more balanced. You'll be able to find out about old patterns and limiting convictions that you've been dragging along your whole life and get rid of them!

The workshop is divided into an introductory workshop and 5 levels. After having followed the 5 levels and having passed a final test, you will be able to use the techniques on others as well.

Introduction: 120€

Price per workshop: 200€

Combo (intro + all 5 workshops): 1050€

Dates: new date January


Leadership training

It's not always easy to be a leader, we often question ourselves too much and tend to be controlling or too "laisser-faire" with our staff/team members.

What is a good leader? Which leadership styles are there and which style fits you best? How will you integrate your leadership style into the company style?

You want your people to trust you, follow your advice and perform well under your supervision? Then this practical workshop is your first step to great leadership!

One day module from 9h30 to 15h30

Price: 120€

Dates: on request

Enhancing non verbal communication

We all know the following situation: you ask your colleague how he/she is doing and the answer is 'fine', but looking at the person's body and energy you just know they are not fine.

Unconsciously, we communicate with our body and tone of voice. Words are actually not that important, because it's what you don't say / show that matters.

In this workshop we look at our own non verbal communication and our first impresson to the outside world. Then we work our improving our non verbal communication skills. You'll get in touch again with your guts, your feelings, your energy, in order to integrate a much clearer and efficient way of communicating.

One day training: 120€

Dates: 21/11 from 9h30 to 15h30 (or on request with small team)



Certified Assertiveness Coach Training

The more you are learning to be assertive and that you are growing in saying no, the more you see people around you struggling with setting their limits.

You want to help them!

You want to add this competence (to be able to guide people in their assertiveness growth) to your coaching tools. This course is designed for therapists and coaches or for people reorienting towards a counsellor / coach career.

Based on the assertiveness coach training of Doreen Virtue.

Training of 6 months: 1 day training per month + homework and practice outside courses

Next course start: 29/9

Price: 800€ (certificate included)

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